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Clay Newbill - EP, Founder & President

Clay Newbill.

A pioneer and innovator of reality television for over 17 years, Clay Newbill was a vital initial member of “The Real World” producing team, joining the creators of the famed franchise in 1992.  After producing the second and third seasons of the groundbreaking series of “The Real World: Los Angeles” and “The Real World: San Francisco,” Newbill then co-created, produced and directed “Road Rules.”  For its first eight seasons, he stayed on as the showrunner for the MTV staple.

In 1999, Newbill was again tapped to spearhead a new show.  Under his leadership, “Making The Band” became the first prime-time reality competition program on network television.  In 2000, Newbill and ABC entered an overall deal.  Since then, he has executive produced such popular programs as “The Mole”, “The Bachelorette”, “Celebrity Mole, Yucatan”, “The Benefactor”, “The Ultimate Love Test” and “Shark Tank”.

Since 2005, he has continued to produce reality television for several networks and cable outlets such as ESPN’s “Bound For Glory,” Bravo’s “Top Design,” ABC’s “American Inventor 2” and “The Mole.”  Under the banner of his 310 Entertainment Inc. production company, Newbill recently sold Nickelodeon a new game show, “BrainSurge,” premiering in the fall 2009. Also, he sold Lifetime Network “Camping with the In-Laws.”

Newbill grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with film and television degrees, where he most recently granted the Professional Achievement Award.  His early career included production work on television programs at the Disney MGM Studios such as “Separate But Equal,” “The New Mickey Mouse Club” and “The Muppets At Disney World,” in addition to others.

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  • Shark Tank

    We’re afraid of sharks. Which is why we’re seriously impressed by the guts and determination of the budding entrepreneurs who are diving head first into the Shark Tank every week.

    In these trying economic times, it's tough for someone with a dream to get a loan for a risky venture. There are some great ideas out there—next generation products, mind-blowing food recipes, life-changing services, technological brainstorms—ideas that will likely die an early death because no one dared take a financial chance on an unknown person with an unproven and possibly outrageous proposal.

    Many of these people now see Shark Tank as their last chance at success.

  • Brainsurge

    “BrainSurge” is Nickelodeon's new kids game show where contestants will be put through four levels of games and puzzles that test their memory and comprehension skills. From puzzles that test their quick eye and reflexes to funny stories that test their ability to pay attention, as well as concentration games where making a perfect match can mean advancing to the next level.

    Watching BrainSurge is like participating as the audience is able to play along with all of the puzzles and stories and matching games. Winners from each round move on while those who don't qualify for the next level go down the BRAIN DRAIN to get SLIMED.”

  • Redneck Island

    Hosted by actor and former WWE superstar Steve Austin, we're takin' 12 red, white and blue-collared Americans out of the South – far away from cold beer – and dropping them in a tropical paradise where they will compete for $100,000. From a remote location, Austin will guide the contestants through a number of hilarious mental and physical challenges designed to celebrate the group's strengths and limitations. At the end of each episode, teammates will send one competitor packing.